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Special Education (SPED) and Reading Clinic

Functioning as an Inclusive Education support system specifically for students enrolled in regular schools, SPED teachers and reading clinicians provide after-school intervention using developmentally-appropriate and differentiated teaching strategies.

We assist students in coping with academic requirements and work with regular education teachers to increase the chances of school success for the child in the mainstream. For those in a special school or homeschool setting, ALRES designs Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), teaches functional academics and conducts periodic assessments in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team.



Call for an initial assessment schedule. We will get back to you as soon as soon as a slot becomes available.

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Interdisciplinary Specialists Team

Interdisciplinary Specialists Team

The ALRES Team hails from top local universities and all are licensed by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC). Most of the staff have international advanced certifications and post-graduate degrees in their respective disciplines. They are trained in pediatric specialist practice and are recognized as leaders in the field of early intervention.

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Request for Information

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A private, non-stock, non-profit Filipino corporation that embodies excellence & leadership, passion & joy, and a heart of service. We celebrate individuality, journey with families and build inclusive communities.

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