Research & Training

Research & Consultancy

ALRES engages in meaningful collaborative work with development partners, government agencies, local government units, disabled people's organizations (DPOs) and other civil society organizations (CSOs) to combine research with solution-based interventions to build genuinely inclusive schools and communities.

Strategic Partnerships

Two of the most strategic partnerships of ALRES recently are with Save The Children, an international non-government organization (as project partner for Community-Based Inclusive Development, funded by IKEA Foundation) and the Carmona City Local Government (project on Transdisciplinary Community-Based Speech Therapy under the Office of Mayor Dr. Dahlia Loyola). These have explored creative ways of accessing early intervention services in urban poor communities through inclusive development frameworks and the transdisciplinary approach.

Save the Children


ALRES was contracted as technical consultant to set-up 10 community-based therapy centers in the cities of Parañaque, Pateros and Taguig in partnership with their respective local governments who were beneficiaries of the Save the Children project. This entailed helping establish the physical set-up and operational processes to run the Community-Based Inclusive Development (CBID) sites, as well as comprehensively training paraprofessionals who would implement selected community and home interventions under the guidance of partner professionals.

Carmona City

Carmona City

There remains to be a huge supply-demand gap for speech therapists in the county, thus giving rise to this partnership with the Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office (PDAO) supported by Mayor Dr. Dahlia Loyola, a staunch advocate for PWDs. Carmona City is recognized as a model city for PWD inclusivity. Recognizing that the main service component that was lacking was the provision of speech therapy services, the city government contracted ALRES to conceptualize and implement a Transdisciplinary Speech Therapy Project which entailed screening 50 city scholars with speech and language delays, provision of home programs, a comprehensive 2-day training workshop for parents and teachers, and a progress monitoring assessment to determine the effectiveness of home-based and school-based interventions over a one-year period. At the end of the project, significant gains in speech and language development outcomes were observed in the project beneficiaries.

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